Loni Dekor

Case Study

Loni Dekor, a furniture manufacturer, wanted to refresh its brand for a new era while maintaining a strong connection to its roots. The challenge was modernizing their logo without abandoning the familiar tree symbol and retaining the traditional green color scheme. The result is a renewed visual identity that honors their legacy while embracing innovation.

This animation showcases the strategic evolution of the brand mark, highlighting our meticulous preservation of tradition while seamlessly incorporating modern design elements.


The new Loni Dekor logo strikes a balance between tradition and innovation. The familiar tree element is cleverly incorporated into the 'L' and 'D' initials, subtly referencing the company's history. Clean lines and contemporary forms represent Loni Dekor's move towards a fresh, updated brand aesthetic.

Color Palette

This carefully chosen palette features natural greens that reflect the raw materials used in Loni Dekor's furniture and the company's connection to quality craftsmanship. The darkest green suggests stability, while the mid-tone conveys calm. The lightest green adds freshness, with the vibrant highlight providing an energetic accent.






16 Styles with 742 Glyphs each

Including Italics & Cyrillic Support

16 Styles with 742 Glyphs each Including Italics & Cyrillic Support


This repeating pattern, derived from the negative space within the logo, adds texture and versatility to the Loni Dekor identity. It extends the existing visual language without competing with the logo, offering opportunities for use in packaging, textiles, and more.


The cohesive use of the new logo, color palette, typography, and pattern across various mediums showcases the strength of the Loni Dekor rebranding.